Erin and Caras Thursday

After wishing Corrie and Greg good luck with their speech, Cara and I to listened to a presentation from NCD Child. NCD stands for non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and juvenile arthritis. NCD Child are preparing a large document for health care and education workers about children with NCD’s and the basic level of support and needs they have. They asked us to review the document in groups, and took it in turns to give our feedback about the relevance of the document, the layout and the suitable audience. This was good because we got to put in to practice our skills that we had learnt earlier in the week, as well as learn about the NDC and their invaluable work.

Following this, a Federal Lobbyist spoke to us, who told us about his job and the main roles he had. He was an advocate whose main intention was to influence the decisions of government officials, and listen to the views of the public, similar to the role of your local constituent MP in Scotland. He told us about the Senators and the jobs they did, as well as how he got into the position he was in, which was by studying law and working his way up from a P.A.

After this, we had lunch, and then set off on our “Senator Hunt” where we toured the Senate Building trying to find Senators to speak to and inform about iCan and what we were trying to set up. If we managed to meet a senator, or even someone from their office, we had to collect their business card to complete out ‘treasure hunt’.

In the afternoon, we had a tour of Capitol Hill and all the monuments. This was followed by our closing ceremony and awards.

Scotland YPG won the most sociable group, Erin won the most creative and Corrie the social butterfly.