Young Persons' Group




The ScotCRN Young Person's Group

We are a group of senior school pupils with an interest in children's medicine and health.  We are  advocates for children and young people in clinical trials in Scotland.  We work with investigators and pharma companies to improve trial documentation and information, to ensure it is age appropriate, accurate and fully explains the purpose of trial, the risks and benefits and expectations of the participant.

Role of the YPG

  • Advocates for young people in research.
  • Consultees e.g. NRES Guidance on Information sheets.
  • Comment on protocols, reporting methods and questionnaires.
  • Comment on age appropriateness of information sheets, consent forms and assent forms.
  • Comment on materials, apps and diaries produced for children in clinical trials.

 Key achievements to date

  • Attended the EU GCP- Better Medicines for Children Conference Oct 2016. Emily McIlraith -Griffiths (age 17) presented on the work of the YPG and Involving Children and Young People to increase recruitment to clinical trials by making them more patient acceptable.
  • 6 members attended the International Children's Advisory Network (ICAN) Summit in Barcelona in 2016.  Where they won the Best Poster Prize.
  • Commented on age appropriate methods to improve adherence to trials involving daily diaries
  • Provided advice and feedback on content and style for the online magazine version of The Nuffield Council on Bioethics' report: Children and Clinical Research: Ethical Concerns
  • Attended the launch of the International Children's Advisory Network (ICAN) in Washington DC in June 2015

British Science Festival 2012

The ScotCRN YPG took part in the British Science Festival 2012 which was hosted in in Aberdeen, for more information click here.