Network SOPs

Network SOPS

This page contains a list of current ScotCRN Network SOPs in PDF format. Adverse Event Report Forms (9A & 9B) are presented in MS Word format to allow for typed data entry. To edit/update existing documents please refer to the Sharepoint Portal.


No Title Version Review Date
00 ScotCRN SOP List and Review Status    
01 Obtaining Informed Consent for Research Studies V3 19/11/18
02 Withdrawal of Informed Consent V4 19/11/18
03 Measurement and Recording of Height V4 19/11/18
04 Measurement and Recording of Weight V3 19/11/17
05 Obtaining a Urine Sample V4 01/05/19
06 Obtaining a Blood Sample V3 18/05/17
07 Obtaining a Blood Sample (Capillary) V3 15/05/17
08 Obtaining and Recording of BP and Pulse V3 19/01/17
09 Reporting Adverse Events V3 17/05/17
09A Adverse Events Reporting Form (AER) - MS Word Format V3 17/05/17
09B Severe Adverse Events Reporting Form (SAER) - MS Word Format V3 17/05/17
10 Measurement of Exhaled Nitric Oxide V3 30/05/19
11 Measurement of Spirometry V4 30/05/19
12 Skin Prick Testing V4 30/05/19
13 Measurement of Pain V3 15/05/17
14 Pregnancy Testing in Females Aged 12-16 Years V4 19/01/17
15 Capillary Blood Glucose V4 19/01/17
18 Use of Electrical Equipment V3 19/01/17

Storage of Medicines in Clinics

V3 17/03/17
20 The Guidance on the Preperation, Maintenance, Approval and Review of Standard Operating Procedures V3


21 Taking a Child's Body temperature using a TempaDOT TM V3 31/05/17
23 Assessment of Atopic Dermatitis in Children Using SCORAD V4 19/11/18
24 Monitoring and Recording of Refrigerators and Freezer Temperatures V3 26/05/17
25 Saliva Collection for Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) V3 19/01/17
26 Data Protection V3 24/06/16