Who We Are

Due to the expansion of the Scottish Medicines for Children Network to include non medicinal studies such as genetic epidemiology, non medical interventions and nutritional studies that support medical treatment, we changed our name to Scottish Children's Research Network in 2011.

Our Aim

The aim of the Scottish Children's Network is to increase the safety, efficacy and availability of medicines and health care for children by supporting high quality clinical trials.

ScotCRN provides excellent health-service infrastructure and expertise and supports Clinical Research Facilities in each of the four teaching hospitals, managed by experienced paediatric research nurses. The coordinating centre is located in the Childrens Hospital in Aberdeen.

Supporting Research

Studies registered with the ScotCRN can be supported by access to experienced research nurses, the use of dedicated research facilities, expert advice on protocol design, research governance and the preparation of age appropriate information. We have established a Young Person's Group who can act collectively as advocates for children involved in research and can comment on study protocols and supporting documents.

ScotCRN in the UK

ScotCRN has forged strong links with the other UK paediatric research networks Medicines for Children Research Network, Northern Ireland Clinical Research Network (Children) and Welsh Children and Young People's Research Network.

ScotCRN in Europe

ScotCRN is an active member of the emerging European Medicines Agency sponsored network EnprEMA (European Network of Paediatric Research Networks). This will ensure that we are up to date with the rapidly changing legislative environment and can take advantage of potential opportunities to participate in European studies.